Afghan Veteran’s Experience Resettling in Idaho Falls

Episode 18 October 04, 2023 00:27:11
Afghan Veteran’s Experience Resettling in Idaho Falls
Afghan Veteran’s Experience Resettling in Idaho Falls

Oct 04 2023 | 00:27:11


Show Notes

Ahmadi served as a transport pilot in the Afghan Air Force before relocating to Idaho Falls in 2022 through a private sponsorship group, along with two other pilots from Afghanistan.  

He’s now interning at the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls, a city of 67,000 people in eastern Idaho, and is working toward an electrical engineering degree at Idaho State University. He has applied for asylum with hopes that his wife and parents will be able to join him in Idaho in the future.  

A couple in Ahmadi's sponsorship group, Joe & Kim Mitchell, were featured on Mosaics in July. Check out Episode 10 to hear from them.

If you would like to support Afghan pilots on their journey to becoming certified to fly in the U.S., please see our Global Talent Pilot Training Project.


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