New Americans in the Classroom

Episode 17 September 20, 2023 00:29:36
New Americans in the Classroom
New Americans in the Classroom

Sep 20 2023 | 00:29:36


Show Notes

This week we hear how the experiences of refugee resettlement impact children in the classroom, and what teachers can do to build a culture of welcome and empowerment. 

Our guests are Chantale Niyonkuru, the REACH Youth Program Specialist at the Idaho Office for Refugees, and Sara Skinner, a facilitator, trainer and consultant. 

Chantale and Sara are part of a Neighbors United group offering trainings for educators and law enforcement officers. The next training series for teachers starts Sept. 23. Learn more and sign up here (professional development credit available!) 

Also on Sept. 23, join in the fun at the Welcoming Week Family Field Day in Boise or the Community Unity Table dinner in Hailey

Please send us your feedback, questions, and ideas at [email protected]

About this week’s guests: 

Chantale has a bachelor’s in social work from Boise State University. As the first graduate in her family, Chantale is determined to inspire and empower young adults to dream big and not be confined. Chantale was born in East Africa and resettled in Idaho at the age of 8. 

Sara has a master’s in public health and specializes in creating workshops and meetings that are transformative for the people involved and for the communities where they live and work. Sara’s background is in community-based public health, and she brings cross-cultural experience from her work with farmworkers, refugees, and other immigrants, and from her time living in Spain and Brazil.

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