Sakhi Hasmati on His Work and Experience in Refugee Resettlement

Episode 4 January 24, 2024 00:43:29
Sakhi Hasmati on His Work and Experience in Refugee Resettlement
Sakhi Hasmati on His Work and Experience in Refugee Resettlement

Jan 24 2024 | 00:43:29


Show Notes

Sakhi Hasmati was born in Afghanistan and lived in Pakistan, India, and United Arab Emirates before moving to Idaho to reunite with his parents and siblings about seven years ago.

“My parents, one of the reasons they were moving around, is because they had concerns about their children’s safety,” he said.Now, Sakhi helps other people who are earlier on in their resettlement journey, as the Idaho Community Advisor Network Supervisor at the International Rescue Committee in Boise.

When Sakhi first moved to Idaho, his goal was to move on quickly to a place with more earning potential. But he found a closeness within his family and community that’s made Idaho feel like home. Sakhi’s wife is awaiting approval to resettle here, too.

“I deeply appreciate the culture and kindness prevalent in this state,” Sakhi said. “In my free time, I cherish moments with family and friends, often enjoying a game of soccer.”

Sakhi loves learning about the laws and history of any country where he lives. (Sidenote from the episode: there are 27 amendments in the U.S. Constitution!)

Sakhi’s goal is to advocate, support, and deliver services to asylees, refugees, and immigrants. Recognizing the importance of families seeking and achieving long-term happiness and self-sufficiency, he’s passionate about bringing consistency to these families and aiding them in attaining a fulfilling, normal life.

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