Idahoans Share Insights on Sponsoring Refugees

Episode 10 July 26, 2023 01:19:13
Idahoans Share Insights on Sponsoring Refugees
Idahoans Share Insights on Sponsoring Refugees

Jul 26 2023 | 01:19:13


Show Notes

When the opportunity arose for Americans to privately sponsor refugees, Joe and Kim Mitchell of Idaho Falls felt called to step up. They helped form a Sponsor Circle to welcome three Afghan pilots to Idaho Falls in 2022, the first new refugee arrivals the community had seen in decades. More recently they welcomed a family of four (now five) through Uniting for Ukraine.
On today's episode, Kim shares about what it has been like being a sponsor and gives an update on how their new friends are doing today. We'll also hear Joe & Kim's workshop presented at this year's Idaho Conference on Refugees. 
Americans interested in sponsoring refugees can learn more at You can connect with Joe and Kim's nonprofit, Idaho Falls Bridge Builders, at

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