Taste of Persia: Boise Family Opens Afghan Restaurant

Episode 23 November 08, 2023 00:28:49
Taste of Persia: Boise Family Opens Afghan Restaurant
Taste of Persia: Boise Family Opens Afghan Restaurant

Nov 08 2023 | 00:28:49


Show Notes

Meet the Afghan-American family behind the newest and one of the only Afghan restaurants in Boise, Taste of Persia.  

Hafiz & Bahija Karim left behind their lives and careers in Afghanistan in 1990 when they were targeted by the Taliban due to Hafiz earning his college degree abroad in Russia. The couple resettled in Boise with their four young children in 2005, knowing little English and working long hours to provide. Bahija went on to open her own drapery business, The Golden Needle. 

Taste of Persia is the family’s way of carrying on their customs, sharing traditional food with others, and providing for relatives who were displaced a second time when the war in Ukraine started last year.  

Taste of Persia is open 12-9 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays) at 10386 W Ustick Road in Boise.

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