Jan Reeves & Patty Haller: History of Resettlement in Idaho

Episode 22 November 01, 2023 00:29:23
Jan Reeves & Patty Haller: History of Resettlement in Idaho
Jan Reeves & Patty Haller: History of Resettlement in Idaho

Nov 01 2023 | 00:29:23


Show Notes

Get to know Jan Reeves and Patty Haller, who worked together in leadership of the Idaho Office for Refugees for 20 years. We’ll learn more about the history of resettlement in Idaho and why programs like Global Gardens, Global Talent, and the Refugee Speakers Bureau got their start. 

“So often refugees are labeled as refugees,” Patty said. “That’s an important part of their story, but it’s not the whole story.” 

We’ll hear what it was like to lead resettlement in Idaho through times of change and sometimes upheaval, such as 9/11, when there was growing fear but also a show of support for refugees and Muslims in Idaho.  

“There’s been a growing appreciation for the value that refugees bring to our community,” Jan said.  

We hope you’ll join us for this informative episode!

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