Moses Mukengezi: ‘I am more than a refugee, but it’s also part of me’

Episode 2 December 20, 2023 00:43:31
Moses Mukengezi: ‘I am more than a refugee, but it’s also part of me’
Moses Mukengezi: ‘I am more than a refugee, but it’s also part of me’

Dec 20 2023 | 00:43:31


Show Notes

Moses Mukengezi is a dad, husband, soccer coach, commercial real estate broker, nonprofit board member and former resettlement worker in Boise. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Moses’ family resettled in Boise, Idaho, in 2007 when he was 13. It was through soccer that he first felt connection to the community. He went on to play for Boise State University, where he earned a bachelor’s in sociology.  

Moses has enjoyed several years of coaching refugee youth through Nations United Soccer and speaks six languages; he is especially fond of French.  

Moses has presented as a member of the Refugee Speakers Bureau, a program of the Idaho Office for Refugees (IOR). He is a board member for Jannus, Inc., which IOR is a part of, and for the Idaho Museum of International Diaspora

Hear more from Moses on StoryCorps, where did an interview with his wife, Kathleen, in 2022.

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