Jane Chu & Palina Louangketh: Mothers, Daughters, and Keepsakes

Episode 6 June 28, 2023 01:10:19
Jane Chu & Palina Louangketh: Mothers, Daughters, and Keepsakes
Jane Chu & Palina Louangketh: Mothers, Daughters, and Keepsakes

Jun 28 2023 | 01:10:19


Show Notes

Illustrator Jane Chu, former chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts, shines light on ‎refugee and immigrant stories by drawing their keepsake items. Her work is inspired by her own mother ‎leaving behind all she knew in China to find a life of safety and opportunity. ‎
Jane presented at the Idaho Conference on Refugees this year and facilitated a Q&A with Dr. ‎Palina Louangketh, founder of the Idaho Museum of International Diaspora, and Palina’s mother, ‎Phouthasinh, who fled Laos with her two children when Palina was 3 years old.‎
This week we are excited to share that meaningful conversation here on Mosaics. 

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