Halima Hamud on Learning to Be Herself - Even When It's Scary

Episode 14 August 23, 2023 00:42:31
Halima Hamud on Learning to Be Herself - Even When It's Scary
Halima Hamud on Learning to Be Herself - Even When It's Scary

Aug 23 2023 | 00:42:31


Show Notes

Halima Hamud is a Boise State University graduate who moved to Minnesota last year to pursue a graduate degree in Development Practices.  

Halima was born to Somali parents in a refugee camp in Kenya. She and her family resettled in Boise in 2009 when she was in fourth grade. 

Halima was among just 62 students in the country selected as Truman Scholars in 2021. She is now studying at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. She has created the Circle of Excellence platform and is launching a podcast series to highlight the stories of women who have overcome obstacles to continue their profession in the states.  

“I want to be able to improve the lives of refugees and former refugees here in the states,” she said, “and I want to be able to work with an organization that is stiving to improve and empower and inspire women.”

Find Halima on LinkedIn.

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